• 6 Incredible Tips to Purchase Furniture for your Home

    moving furniture in new home

    Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that would look stunning in your home only to regret it hours later because it was too large to fit in your living room? Well, this has happened to me more times than I can remember. It might seem simple, but there are many aspects to take into consideration when buying furnishings for your house in Singapore, such as color, size, and how to transport it from the store to your house.

    Additionally, it must be able to withstand the heat and rain that constantly hits our beautiful island. Thus, let me educate with 6 outstanding tips to buy the best furniture in Singapore.

    1. Visualize the Extent of your Space

    Whether you are buying furniture for your living room or bedroom, you must keep in mind the size of the area. There must be adequate proportions between the furnishings and the room to create an environment of balance and harmony.

    For example, if you buy a couch that is too broad for your living room, everything else will feel too crowded and if you buy a small sofa for an immense studio, it will disappear in the background.

    The furniture needs to fit the volume of the space so you can create different styles to decorate your home.

    2. Create a Specific Design

    Selecting a mix of unsorted furnishing is something you have to avoid. To do this, it is recommended to make a plan in advance to define the aesthetic details to be implemented, such as colors, materials, shapes, etc. You must establish the styles and designs that are more suitable for a specific room.

    For example, you can add a modern twist to an all-white room with wooden furniture and black decoration to create a breathtaking view. You just have to match designs that suit the area. 

    3. Apply the Concept of Vintage and Antique

    In recent times, the use of vintage furniture has become prominent not only in relation to home decoration, but also in the world of fashion and design. Vintage furniture are items that were created in previous time periods that add an air of mystery and maturity to any home.

    Incorporating these types of furnishing will incorporate an elegant, but reminiscing style to any room, whether it be your bedroom, living room, or lobby.

    4. Furniture as an Investment

    Quality is important in furnishing. Poor quality upholstery is like to be quickly ruined. Think about how you will use the furniture and whether there will be children who may scratch, dirty or break it. You don’t want to buy delicate furniture if there are small children in your house.

    Purchase furniture that will suit your quality of life and rhythm for a more logical approach. Additionally, buy furniture that is able to resist humid places since Singapore has a tropical climate where rain and heat occur all year long.

    5. Verify Payment and Delivery

    Before buying any furniture, you must ask about the delivery time since most items are not in inventory and must be shipped from the company’s warehouse. Sometimes, the only furniture available is the one displayed and further arrangements must be made to obtain it from manufacturing sites.

    Because of this, you must understand the payment options available. Some manufacturers ask for an advance payment and the remaining amount is canceled upon delivery. Others allow monthly fees so be careful not to strain your budget.

    6. The Need of a Mover Company

    If you purchase furniture in a high-end store, there is a high probability that they have their own house mover company to transport your newly-acquired furnishing to your home. However, if you buy them in flea markets or from small businesses, you might need to hire moving service to transport the furniture. Thus, it is crucial to have a back-up plan in case this happens and have a cost-effective service handy.


    If you follow the previous advice, it will be a breeze in the park the next time you want to acquire a new coffee table or sofa for your home. Simply take into consideration the space available in your home, have a vision of the new styles you want to incorporate and educate yourself on payment and delivery. Soon, you will be an expert furnishing shopper!


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