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If you find any properties advertised on this website have been sold or withdrawn from sale, please advise Contact


If you want to advertise to lease, rent or buy a farm, acres or land in Australia, please email  me (use the Contact link above)  a brief description (60 words or less) of what you are looking for and I shall publish an advertisement on this page, for free for a period of three months. However, I usually let the ad run on for much longer.

Preferred Location


Wollongong or Newcastle - NSW

I live in Sydney and I am looking for a quality cattle-raising farm of 1000 acres and above, locating around Wollonggong or Newcastle. Fine irrigation condition is a must. Please email me at


Blue Mountains - NSW

Cheap land, houses, hobby farms in Blue mountains area. Serious replies only.


Ord River - Argyle -West - WA

A major private corporation in Shanghai is looking to acquire cropping land around the Ord River or Argyle area (Northeast part of West Australia), Their interests lie in developing cropping and related land. If you have such a  property for sale in the area, feel free to contact me via email - here.  Thank you.


Albany WA

Overseas buyer looking for a quality farm of 1000 ha and above at location around Albany, Western Australia. Contact me


A rural setting where there is a need for medical personnel in a nearby town would suit.

 Sheep, Cattle and irrigation farm ( approx 100 hectares irrigation).

Location Flexible

 Property suited for cattle in a reliable rainfall district. Prefer property that is less developed.
 Price about $1.25 million. Contact

Near Albury WA

 A quality farm of 1000 ha and above.   Contact: "Ted"


North Qld - North NT - North WA


 We are looking for land (40 Ha to 100 Ha) to setup a tropical horticulture farm. Ideally with access to ground or   irrigation water, a few buildings and electricity should be available. Northern part of WA , NT or QLD


QLD - Brisbane Area


Wanted Hydroponics farm Brisbane area. To be used as second income. Please contact Mitchell on


New South Wales

1000 acres of land by the sea and has its own beach, in NSW
Mr David Sheng  Email. 99848190*  (replace the * with @)


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