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If you find any properties advertised on this website have been sold or withdrawn from sale, please advise Contact


If you want to advertise to lease, rent or buy a farm, acres or land in Australia, please email  me (use the Contact link above)  a brief description (60 words or less) of what you are looking for and I shall publish an advertisement on this page, for free for a period of three months. However, I usually let the ad run on for much longer.

Preferred Location


Wollongong or Newcastle - NSW

I live in Sydney and I am looking for a quality cattle-raising farm of 1000 acres and above, locating around Wollonggong or Newcastle. Fine irrigation condition is a must. Please email me at


Location Flexible

 Property suited for cattle in a reliable rainfall district. Prefer property that is less developed.
 Price about $1.25 million. Contact

QLD - Brisbane Area


Wanted Hydroponics farm Brisbane area. To be used as second income. Please contact Mitchell on




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